Inconsistencies in statistics and invoices

This guide covers what situations might result in inconsistencies between your account statistics and your invoices. If you'd like to read more about either of these products in depth, jump to the Statistics and usage guide or the Invoices and billing guide.


If you've set the custom date on your Statistics page to match your billing cycle and notice a discrepancy in the values of services you were billed for, it's most likely an issue with timezones. Requests attributed to your billing period that were not invoiced during that month will roll over to the next invoice.

Deleted access tokens

When you filter by All tokens, you will see all your account statistics, including usage from deleted access tokens. Deleted tokens do not show up in the drop-down filter list.

Filtering MAUs by token

For mobile applications that are billed on Monthly Active Users, statistics in your dashboard vary based on whether or not you are filtering by access token:

  • When viewing stats for All tokens and connected apps your statistics page will not show any tile requests or Static Images API requests from that application.
  • When filtered by access token your statistics page will include these tile requests or Static Images API requests for dates before April 4, 2019.

This discrepancy only relates to dates before April 4, 2019, and does not affect your bill, which is based on Monthly Active User counts.

Other inconsistencies

If none of the situations above apply to your account, please contact support.

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