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Mapbox Studio Classic


Mapbox Studio Classic is no longer in active development. To learn more about our newer mapping tools see Mapbox Studio.

Mapbox Studio Classic was a desktop application for designing classic styles that allowed you to create maps by using vector tiles and CartoCSS. Mapbox Studio Classic has been deprecated in favor of Mapbox Studio.

Mapbox Studio Classic is no longer available to download, and the Mapbox support team is not able to troubleshoot issues with Mapbox Studio Classic.

Creating a new map? Mapbox Studio is the modern alternative to Mapbox Studio Classic. If you're creating a new map today, you should use Mapbox Studio instead of Mapbox Studio Classic.

How to update a classic style in modern Mapbox Studio

Learn how to modernize a classic style by recreating it in Mapbox Studio. The new style will adhere to the Mapbox GL JS style specification.