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Why am I receiving the following error when trying to start Atlas?

Error response from daemon: pull access denied for <image-name>, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login': denied: requested access to the resource is denied.

There are multiple reasons why you may receive this error.

First, you may not be logged into Docker. Run the docker login command in your console before starting Atlas to make sure you are logged in. If applicable, confirm that the user you select for the login is in the Docker group and that it has the appropriate permissions.

Or, there may have been some issue while pulling Docker images. Follow these steps to refresh the images:

  1. Go to your Atlas server directory and run ./, which should only remove images and keep the tilesets in the mbtiles folder) You can verify the images were removed by running the command docker images and checking that the atlas-server/docker folder was removed.
  2. Run ./atlas-installer download ./atlas-server-files/ --token YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_TOKEN --docker (reference here).
  3. Rerun docker images.
  4. Try to start Atlas again with _**./
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