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Mapbox Bathymetry v2

This tileset reference document includes information to help you use the data in the Mapbox Bathymetry v2 tileset.


Mapbox Bathymetry v2 is a vector tileset that provides underwater depth of sea floor at discrete minimum depth levels. The purpose of this tileset is to add ocean detail at low zoom levels. It can be used independently or together with the Mapbox Streets v8 tileset.

Data source

This tileset uses data from GEBCO Gridded Bathymetry Data.

Data stability

We may also add new layers, fields, and values to Mapbox Bathymetry tiles. Our goal is to do this in a way that preserves compatibility with existing styles. Here's what you need to know about how Mapbox Bathymetry v2 may change in the future:

  • Layers
    • Existing layers will not be renamed or removed.
    • New layers may be added.
  • Fields
    • Existing fields will not be renamed or removed.
    • New fields may be added to any layer.
  • Field values
    • The meanings of existing values will not change.
    • Values of specific features may change to correct errors.
    • New values may be added to any field unless otherwise noted in this documentation.

Layer Reference

The Mapbox Bathymetry v2 tileset contains the following layers:

LayerMin. zoom levelMax. zoom level


markerpolylinepolygonmin zoom level: 13buffer: 2

This layer contains isobath (depth contour) polygons.

Here's a list of fields in the depth layer:

FieldData typeNullableDescription
min_depthnumberNoDepth of the isobath polygon. All points inside the polygon have a depth less than the min_depth value of the polygon.
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