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Mapbox Movement

Current version: v2.0

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    Data for daily and monthly mobile device activity
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    Zoom-level 18 spatial resolution
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    Integration with Mapbox Boundaries

Mapbox Movement is a global privacy-forward dataset of de-identified and aggregated mobile device activity. The dataset captures significant driving and non-driving mobile device activity aggregated into geographic tiles of 100-meter resolution (approximately one city block) and select Mapbox boundaries.

Mapbox Movement license

Access to Mapbox Movement data is restricted to Mapbox customers who have purchased a Mapbox Movement license. Contact for more information.

Sample data access

A completed Data Evaluation Agreement is required to test a sample of Mapbox Movement data. Sample data will be provided within one week of executing the Evaluation Agreement. The sample data is for trial evaluation purposes only and may differ slightly from final production data. Contact to learn more about evaluating sample data from Mapbox Movement.

Production data delivery timelines

A completed Purchase Contract is required to receive production Mapbox Movement data. All production data undergoes a comprehensive quality assurance process to verify the data integrity. Depending on the geographic region and type of data requested, the processing time will vary. The following delivery timelines are the amount of time after you have signed a contract with Mapbox.

Type of dataGeographic regionDelivery timeline
Standard (monthly or daily)United States
United Kingdom
South Africa
2 weeks
Custom requestOther geographic regions or custom data requests3-4 weeks