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Point tileset reference

Points represent a central location within each boundary and can be used for labeling or symbolic data visualizations. There is one points tileset for each boundary type containing point geometries for all the features in the corresponding polygon tilesets. While the polygon tilesets are divided up by level, the points are collected into one tileset for all levels per boundary type.


Each point tileset contains layers named points_{type}_{level}, where {type} is a boundary type, and {level} is a number 0 through 5. The {type} and {level} values correspond to the given tileset.

The points_* layers contain approximate center points corresponding to the polygons in the boundaries_* layers. They can be used for labeling or for visualizations using symbols. Points are generally available one zoom level lower than the polygons they correspond to.

The point layers have the same feature ID, iso_3166_1, and worldview properties as the polygon layers with the same meaning. In addition to those, name properties are also provided.

name text

The name property contains the name of each feature, if any. The name is usually in a local or official language of the region or country.

name_en text

The name_en property contains the English name of each feature, if any. Often the name_en value will be null if the name value is already in English or readable to English readers, meaning you may need to coalesce name_en and name for labeling or joining.