Use Atlas with Mapbox Studio

When Atlas is running, you can log in to the Atlas instance of Mapbox Studio with the username atlas-user and your configured password. You can build with the provided Mapbox tilesets or your own custom tilesets, as well as use default Mapbox map styles or your own custom styles.

Create a new style in Studio

With Mapbox Studio, you can create new styles that can be loaded into Atlas. Go to your Studio page (for instance, https://localhost:2999/studio). Click More options to create a new style. You can use a default Mapbox style as the base for your new map style, or you can upload one.

If you haven't created a custom map style using Mapbox Studio before, the Create a custom style tutorial is a good way to learn the interface.

Available default styles

The following default Mapbox styles are available in Atlas:

To start using one of these styles, click the More options button, then select the style that you want to use.

Available Mapbox tilesets

Mapbox Atlas ships with the following tilesets:

Create a custom tileset

Atlas supports custom raster and vector tilesets in .mbtiles format. You can create your own tilesets using Tippecanoe, then import them into Atlas.

To add a custom tileset to your Atlas installation:

  1. The tileset must be named atlas-user.<tileset-name>.mbtiles.
  2. Place the tileset in the mbtiles/ subdirectory of the Atlas install directory.
  3. Visit the Studio Tilesets page (for example, https://localhost:2999/studio/tilesets) to inspect and use your custom tileset.

Correctly named files that are stored in the mbtiles/ subdirectory will be listed in the Mapbox Studio Tilesets page.

You can also use SCP to upload files to a remote server with:

$ scp path/to/your/custom-tileset.mbtiles
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