Optional parametersTypeDescription
permanentbooleanSpecify whether you intend to store the results of the query (true) or not (false, default).
autocompletebooleanSpecify whether to return autocomplete results (true, default) or not (false). When autocomplete is enabled, results will be included that start with the requested string, rather than just responses that match it exactly. For example, a query for India might return both India and Indiana with autocomplete enabled, but only India if it’s disabled.

When autocomplete is enabled, each user keystroke counts as one request to the Geocoding API. For example, a search for "Cali" would be reflected as four separate Geocoding API requests. To reduce the total requests sent, you can configure your application to only call the Geocoding API after a specific number of characters are typed.
bboxnumberLimit results to only those contained within the supplied bounding box. Bounding boxes should be supplied as four numbers separated by commas, in minLon,minLat,maxLon,maxLat order. The bounding box cannot cross the 180th meridian.
You can use the Location Helper to find a bounding box for use with this API.
countrystringLimit results to one or more countries. Permitted values are ISO 3166 alpha 2 country codes separated by commas.
formatstringSpecify the desired response format of results (geojson, default) or for backwards compatibility (v5).
languagestringSet the language of the text supplied in responses. Also affects result scoring, with results matching the user’s query in the requested language being preferred over results that match in another language. For example, an autocomplete query for things that start with Frank might return Frankfurt as the first result with an English (en) language parameter, but Frankreich (“France”) with a German (de) language parameter.

Options are IETF language tags comprised of a mandatory ISO 639-1 language code and, optionally, one or more IETF subtags for country or script.

More than one value can also be specified, separated by commas. The first language in the list will be considered as the primary language and a response will be generated for it. For other languages, translations will be provided, see the translations section.

For more information on which specific languages are supported, see the language coverage section.
limitintegerSpecify the maximum number of results to return. The default is 5 and the maximum supported is 10.
proximitystringBias the response to favor results that are closer to this location. Provided as two comma-separated coordinates in longitude,latitude order, or the string ip to bias based on reverse IP lookup.
typesstringFilter results to include only a subset (one or more) of the available feature types. Options are country, region, postcode, district, place, locality, neighborhood, street, and address. Multiple options can be comma-separated.

For more information on the available types, see the data types section.
worldviewstringReturns features that are defined differently by audiences that belong to various regional, cultural, or political groups. Available worldviews are: ar,cn,in,jp,ma,ru,tr,us. If worldview is not set, the us worldview boundaries are returned by default.

For more information about using the worldview parameter, see the worldviews section.