data class MatchableGeometry(val roadObjectId: String, val coordinates: List<Point>)

The record represents the raw data which could be matched to the road graph. Might be used to match:

  • gantries, with exactly two coordinates

  • lines, with two or more coordinates

  • polygons, with three or more coordinates

NOTE: The Mapbox Electronic Horizon feature of the Mapbox Navigation SDK is in public beta and is subject to changes, including its pricing. Use of the feature is subject to the beta product restrictions in the Mapbox Terms of Service. Mapbox reserves the right to eliminate any free tier or free evaluation offers at any time and require customers to place an order to purchase the Mapbox Electronic Horizon feature, regardless of the level of use of the feature.



unique id of the object


list of points representing the geometry


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fun MatchableGeometry(roadObjectId: String, coordinates: List<Point>)


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val coordinates: List<Point>
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val roadObjectId: String