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class CarRouteLine(carRoutesProvider: CarRoutesProvider = NavigationCarRoutesProvider()) : MapboxCarMapObserver

This class is to simplify the interaction with MapboxRouteLineApi, MapboxRouteArrowView, and RouteProgressObserver use cases that the app needs in the car.

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fun interface CarRouteOptionsInterceptor

This allows you to change the route options used by Android Auto for requesting a route.

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class CarRoutePreviewRepository

Repository for passing the route preview data to MapboxScreen.ROUTE_PREVIEW.

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class CarRoutePreviewRequest : MapboxNavigationObserver

Service class that requests routes for the preview screen.

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interface CarRoutePreviewRequestCallback

This is a view interface. Each callback function represents a view that will be shown for the situations.

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class PreviewCarRoutesProvider(routes: List<NavigationRoute>) : CarRoutesProvider

Gives the CarRoutePreviewScreen the ability to control the selected route rendered by the CarRouteLine and CarNavigationCamera.