interface NavigationRerouteController : RerouteController

Reroute controller allows changing the reroute logic externally. Use MapboxNavigation.rerouteController to replace it.


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fun interface RoutesCallback

Route Callback is useful to set new route(s) on reroute event. Doing the same as MapboxNavigation.setRoutes.


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abstract fun interrupt()

Invoked when re-route is not needed anymore (for instance when driver returns to previous route). Might be ignored depending on RerouteState e.g. if a route has been fetched it does not make sense to interrupt re-routing

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abstract fun registerRerouteStateObserver(rerouteStateObserver: RerouteController.RerouteStateObserver): Boolean

Add a RerouteStateObserver to collection and immediately invoke rerouteStateObserver with current re-route state.

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abstract fun reroute(callback: NavigationRerouteController.RoutesCallback)
abstract fun reroute(routesCallback: RerouteController.RoutesCallback)

Invoked whenever re-route is needed. For instance when a driver is off-route. Called just after an off-route event.

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abstract fun unregisterRerouteStateObserver(rerouteStateObserver: RerouteController.RerouteStateObserver): Boolean

Remove rerouteStateObserver from collection of observers.


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abstract val state: RerouteState

Reroute state