class MapboxBuildingView

Mapbox default view that adds/updates/removes building layer and building highlight for a specific feature geometry and applies appropriate properties to the building layer on top of MapboxMap using MapboxBuildingHighlightOptions

Each Layer added to the map by this class is a persistent layer - it will survive style changes. This means that if the data has not changed, it does not have to be manually redrawn after a style change. See Style.addPersistentStyleLayer.


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fun MapboxBuildingView()


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fun clear(style: Style)

Remove the building layer and source.

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fun highlightBuilding(    style: Style,     buildings: List<QueriedFeature>,     options: MapboxBuildingHighlightOptions = MapboxBuildingHighlightOptions.Builder().build())

Highlight all buildings obtained by querying the MapboxMap. If the list of buildings is empty, none of them are highlighted.

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fun removeBuildingHighlight(style: Style, options: MapboxBuildingHighlightOptions = MapboxBuildingHighlightOptions.Builder().build())

Remove building highlight from an already highlighted building