fun interface RouteLineTrimExpressionProvider : RouteLineExpressionProvider

Represents a function that returns an Expression. The expression this provider is expected to produce is a lineTrimOffset expression. This is a specific type of expression that will make a line transparent between two values representing sections of a line.

For example a call like literal(listOf(0.0, 0.5)) would produce a trim offset expression that made a line transparent from the beginning of the line to the midpoint of the line. In other words the first 50% of the line would be transparent. A call like literal(listOf(0.25, 0.5)) would make the line transparent starting at 25% of the line's length to 50% of the line's length. The line's color would be represented in the other sections of the line. See the Map API documentation regarding lineTrimOffset for more information.


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abstract fun generateExpression(): Expression

Generates an expression.