class Builder

Builder for RoutingTilesOptions. You must choose a filePath for this to be built successfully.


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fun Builder()


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fun build(): RoutingTilesOptions
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fun filePath(filePath: String?): RoutingTilesOptions.Builder

Creates a custom file path to store the road network tiles. It is used for persistent configuration and history files storing.

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fun minDaysBetweenServerAndLocalTilesVersion(minDaysBetweenServerAndLocalTilesVersion: Int): RoutingTilesOptions.Builder

Override minimum time in days between local version of tiles and latest on the server to consider using the latest version of routing tiles from the server. This only works if tiles version is empty.

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fun tilesBaseUri(tilesBaseUri: URI): RoutingTilesOptions.Builder

Override the routing tiles base endpoint with a URI.

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fun tilesDataset(tilesDataset: String): RoutingTilesOptions.Builder

String built out of <account>[.<graph>] variables.

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fun tilesProfile(tilesProfile: String): RoutingTilesOptions.Builder

Profile of the dataset. One of (driving|driving-traffic|walking|cycling|truck).

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fun tileStore(tileStore: TileStore?): RoutingTilesOptions.Builder

Override tile store instance. It manages downloads and storage for requests to tile-related API endpoints. For offline/predictive-caching use cases this instance should be the same that is passed to map resource options. When creating the TileStore make sure to call TileStore.setOption with TileStoreOptions.MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN and your token. By default (if null is provided here), the TileStore will be created with a filePath and NavigationOptions.accessToken.

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fun tilesVersion(version: String): RoutingTilesOptions.Builder

Override the default routing tiles version.