class RouteRefreshController : RoutesObserver

This class lets you manage route refreshes.


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open override fun onRoutesChanged(result: RoutesUpdatedResult)

Invoked whenever a list of routes changes and immediately when registered (see MapboxNavigation.registerRoutesObserver) if non-empty routes are present.

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fun pauseRouteRefreshes()

Pauses route refreshes. If route refreshes are already paused, this is a no-op. After this invocation, no route refreshes will be done, except for the ones that are requested explicitly via refreshRoutesImmediately. To resume route refreshes, invoke resumeRouteRefreshes.

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fun registerRouteRefreshStateObserver(routeRefreshStatesObserver: RouteRefreshStatesObserver)

Register a RouteRefreshStatesObserver to be notified of Route refresh state changes.

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fun requestImmediateRouteRefresh()

Immediately refresh current navigation routes. Listen for refreshed routes using RoutesObserver.

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fun resumeRouteRefreshes()

Resumes route refreshes that were paused via pauseRouteRefreshes. If route refreshes are not paused, this is a no-op.

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fun unregisterRouteRefreshStateObserver(routeRefreshStatesObserver: RouteRefreshStatesObserver)