class MapboxRouteLineViewDynamicOptionsBuilder

Class that allows you to modify a subset of MapboxRouteLineViewOptions at runtime and set it via MapboxRouteLineView.updateDynamicOptions without recreating the instance. Note that just updating the options in MapboxRouteLineView will not re-render the route line. In order to do that, invoke:

mapboxRouteLineView.updateDynamicOptions(style, builderBlock)
mapboxRouteLineApi.getRouteDrawData {
mapboxRouteLineView.renderRouteDrawData(style, it)


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fun displaySoftGradientForTraffic(displaySoftGradientForTraffic: Boolean): MapboxRouteLineViewDynamicOptionsBuilder

Determines if the color transition between traffic congestion changes should use a soft gradient appearance or abrupt color change. This is false by default.

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fun lineDepthOcclusionFactor(@FloatRange(from = 0.0, to = 1.0) lineDepthOcclusionFactor: Double): MapboxRouteLineViewDynamicOptionsBuilder

Factor that decreases line layer opacity based on occlusion from 3D objects. Value 0 disables occlusion, value 1 means fully occluded.

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fun routeLineBelowLayerId(layerId: String?): MapboxRouteLineViewDynamicOptionsBuilder

Determines the elevation of the route layers. Note that if you are using Mapbox Standard style, you can only specify a layer id that is added at runtime: static layer ids from the style will not be applied.

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fun routeLineColorResources(routeLineColorResources: RouteLineColorResources): MapboxRouteLineViewDynamicOptionsBuilder

An instance of RouteLineColorResources. Contains information about colors used for route line.

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An instance of RouteLineScaleExpressions. Contains information about custom scaling expressions.

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fun softGradientTransition(softGradientTransition: Double): MapboxRouteLineViewDynamicOptionsBuilder

Influences the length of the color transition when the displaySoftGradientForTraffic parameter is true.