class MapboxRouteLineApiOptions

Options for configuration of MapboxRouteLineApi.



the range for low congestion traffic


the range for moderate congestion traffic


the range for heavy congestion traffic


the range for severe congestion traffic


for map styles that have been configured to substitute the low traffic congestion color for unknown traffic conditions for specified road classes, the same road classes can be specified here to make the same substitution on the route line


indicates if the route line will display restricted road sections with a dashed line. Note that in order for restricted sections to be displayed, you also need to set MapboxRouteLineViewOptions.displayRestrictedRoadSections to true for those views that will display restricted sections. Set MapboxRouteLineApiOptions.calculateRestrictedRoadSections to true if at least one of your views will display them.


enabling this feature will change the color of the route legs that aren't currently being navigated. See RouteLineColorResources to specify the color used. Enabling this feature when vanishingRouteLineEnabled is true can have negative performance implications, especially for long routes.


indicates if the vanishing route line feature is enabled


can be used to decrease the frequency of the vanishing route line updates improving the performance at the expense of visual appearance of the vanishing point on the line during navigation.


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class Builder

A builder used to create instance of MapboxRouteLineApiOptions.


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open operator override fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean

Indicates whether some other object is "equal to" this one.

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open override fun hashCode(): Int

Returns a hash code value for the object.

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fun toBuilder(): MapboxRouteLineApiOptions.Builder

Creates a builder matching this instance.

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open override fun toString(): String

Returns a string representation of the object.


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val calculateRestrictedRoadSections: Boolean
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val heavyCongestionRange: IntRange
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val lowCongestionRange: IntRange
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val moderateCongestionRange: IntRange
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val severeCongestionRange: IntRange
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val styleInactiveRouteLegsIndependently: Boolean
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val trafficBackfillRoadClasses: List<String>
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val vanishingRouteLineEnabled: Boolean
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val vanishingRouteLineUpdateIntervalNano: Long