Package com.mapbox.navigation.ui.maps.route.line.api


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class MapboxRouteLineApi

Responsible for generating route line related data which can be rendered on the map to visualize a line representing a route. The route related data returned should be rendered with the MapboxRouteLineView class. In addition to setting route data this class can be used to generate the data necessary to hide and show routes already drawn on the map and generally control the visual aspects of a route line.

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class MapboxRouteLineView

Responsible for rendering side effects produced by the MapboxRouteLineApi. The MapboxRouteLineApi class consumes route data from the Navigation SDK and produces the data necessary to visualize one or more routes on the map. This class renders the data from the MapboxRouteLineApi by calling the appropriate map related commands so that the map can have an appearance that is consistent with the state of the navigation SDK and the application.

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interface RoutesRenderedCallback

Callback to be notified of rendered routes.

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class RoutesRenderedResult

Class describing the result of routes rendering.