Package com.mapbox.navigation.core.lifecycle


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object MapboxNavigationApp

Manages a default lifecycle for MapboxNavigation.

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interface MapboxNavigationObserver

Defines an object that needs to interact with or observe MapboxNavigation. Use the MapboxNavigationApp singleton to register and unregister observers with MapboxNavigationApp.registerObserver and MapboxNavigationApp.unregisterObserver.

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fun interface NavigationOptionsProvider

Represents a function that returns NavigationOptions


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fun forwardMapboxNavigation(attach: (MapboxNavigation) -> Unit, detach: (MapboxNavigation) -> Unit): MapboxNavigationObserver

This extension removes boilerplate from a class that needs to use MapboxNavigation, and it makes your class appear as if it implements MapboxNavigationObserver without exposing the functions.

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fun LifecycleOwner.requireMapboxNavigation(    onCreatedObserver: MapboxNavigationObserver? = null,     onStartedObserver: MapboxNavigationObserver? = null,     onResumedObserver: MapboxNavigationObserver? = null,     onInitialize: () -> Unit? = null): ReadOnlyProperty<Any, MapboxNavigation>

Extension function to make it simple to create the RequireMapboxNavigationDelegate. Below are a couple examples of how you may use the delegate.