MapboxMapRecorder provides functions to record and replay API calls of a MapboxMap instance. These recordings can be used to debug issues which require multiple steps to reproduce. Additionally, playbacks can be used for performance testing custom scenarios.

Note: The raw format produced by stopRecording is experimental and there is no guarantee for version cross-compatibility when feeding it to replay.

To create the MapboxMapRecorder instance refer to MapboxMap.createRecorder.


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Returns the string description of the current state of playback.

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fun replay(recordedSequence: ByteBuffer, options: MapPlayerOptions = mapPlayerOptions { }, onEnded: () -> Unit = { })

Replay a supplied sequence.

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fun startRecording(options: MapRecorderOptions = mapRecorderOptions { })

Begins the recording session.

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Stops the current recording session. Recorded section could be replayed with replay function.

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Temporarily pauses or resumes playback if already paused.