data class AnnotationSourceOptions @JvmOverloads constructor(maxZoom: Long?, buffer: Long?, lineMetrics: Boolean?, tolerance: Double?, clusterOptions: ClusterOptions?)

Configure class for composing GeoJsonSource objects that included in Annotation

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fun AnnotationSourceOptions(maxZoom: Long? = null, buffer: Long? = null, lineMetrics: Boolean? = null, tolerance: Double? = null, clusterOptions: ClusterOptions? = null)


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val buffer: Long? = null

Size of the tile buffer on each side. A value of 0 produces no buffer. A value of 512 produces a buffer as wide as the tile itself. Larger values produce fewer rendering artifacts near tile edges and slower performance.

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val clusterOptions: ClusterOptions? = null

Options to show and configure symbol clustering with using SymbolManager.

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val lineMetrics: Boolean? = null

Whether to calculate line distance metrics. This is required for line layers that specify line-gradient values.

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val maxZoom: Long? = null

Maximum zoom level at which to create vector tiles (higher means greater detail at high zoom levels).

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val tolerance: Double? = null

Douglas-Peucker simplification tolerance (higher means simpler geometries and faster performance).