data class MapInitOptions @JvmOverloads constructor(context: Context, resourceOptions: ResourceOptions, mapOptions: MapOptions, plugins: List<Plugin>, cameraOptions: CameraOptions?, textureView: Boolean, styleUri: String?, attrs: AttributeSet?, antialiasingSampleCount: Int)

Defines configuration MapInitOptions for a MapboxMap. These options can be used when adding a map to your application programmatically (as opposed to via XML). If you are using a MapFragment, you can pass these options in using the static factory method newInstance(MapboxMapOptions). If you are using a MapView, you can pass these options in using the constructor MapView(Context, MapboxMapOptions). If you add a map using XML, then you can apply these options using custom XML tags.


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fun MapInitOptions(context: Context, resourceOptions: ResourceOptions = getDefaultResourceOptions(context), mapOptions: MapOptions = getDefaultMapOptions(context), plugins: List<Plugin> = defaultPluginList, cameraOptions: CameraOptions? = null, textureView: Boolean = false, styleUri: String? = Style.MAPBOX_STREETS, attrs: AttributeSet? = null, antialiasingSampleCount: Int = DEFAULT_ANTIALIASING_SAMPLE_COUNT)


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object Companion

Static methods


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var antialiasingSampleCount: Int

sample count to control multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) option for rendering. E.g. passing 4 enables MSAA x4 if it is supported. Default is 1 (MSAA turned off).

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var attrs: AttributeSet? = null

The AttributeSet object that init the MapView.

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var cameraOptions: CameraOptions? = null

The Initial Camera options when creating a MapView.

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val context: Context

The context of the MapView.

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var mapOptions: MapOptions

Describes the map options value when using a MapView.

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var plugins: List<Plugin>

The plugins, a list of strings representing class names, that will be loaded as part of MapView initialisation,

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var resourceOptions: ResourceOptions

Resource options when using a MapView. Access token required when using a Mapbox service. Please see to learn how to create one.More information in this guide

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val styleUri: String?

The styleUri will applied for the MapView in the onStart lifecycle event if no style is set. Default is Style.MAPBOX_STREETS. If set to null, then there is no default style will be loaded.

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var textureView: Boolean = false

Flag indicating to use a TextureView as render surface for the MapView. Default is false.