Package com.mapbox.maps.plugin.scalebar.generated


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Shows the scale bar on the map.

data class ScaleBarSettings @JvmOverloads() constructor(enabled: Boolean, position: Int, marginLeft: Float, marginTop: Float, marginRight: Float, marginBottom: Float, textColor: Int, primaryColor: Int, secondaryColor: Int, borderWidth: Float, height: Float, textBarMargin: Float, textBorderWidth: Float, textSize: Float, isMetricUnits: Boolean, refreshInterval: Long, showTextBorder: Boolean, ratio: Float, useContinuousRendering: Boolean)
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Abstract settings class for ScaleBarPlugin.

This abstract class exposes all the required public APIs to configure the ScaleBarPlugin.

abstract class ScaleBarSettingsBase : ScaleBarSettingsInterface
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Interface that defines the public settings interface for ScaleBarPlugin.

interface ScaleBarSettingsInterface