Navigation SDK for Android

Map camera

The map camera refers to the on-screen field of view above the map. The camera can be tilted, rotated, zoomed. This guide provides instructions on adjusting the map camera for a navigation experience.

The Navigation SDK doesn't have any code related to manipulating the map camera. You can combine navigation logic with the Maps SDK's MapboxMap and its camera logic to adjust the camera based on some navigation-related action.

For example, you can change the camera inside the onRoutesReady() callback in the Navigation SDK's RoutesRequestCallback interface:

 private val routesReqCallback = object : RoutesRequestCallback {
    override fun onRoutesReady(routes: List<DirectionsRoute>) {

    override fun onRoutesRequestFailure(throwable: Throwable, routeOptions: RouteOptions) {
    override fun onRoutesRequestCanceled(routeOptions: RouteOptions) {
Basic Navigation SDK integration

See how to combine the Maps SDK with only the Navigation SDK.

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