Third-party tools

  • Billed by tile requests or Map Loads for Web
  • See rates and discounts per Vector Tiles API request, Static Tiles API request, or Raster Tiles API request in the pricing page's Maps section

Web maps that rely on Mapbox-hosted tiles, but are not served via Mapbox GL JS, are billed by tile requests. This includes vector tiles from vector tilesets, GL-based styles rendered as raster tiles, and raster tiles from raster tilesets. The table below includes some popular third-party integrations. Not all possible third-party tools are included in this list.

ProductsWhat will appear on your invoice
FramerXVector Tiles API
PowerBIMap Loads for Web
Carto with a style URLStatic Tiles API
ArcGIS with a style URLStatic Tiles API
QGIS with a style URLStatic Tiles API