Hybrid frameworks

  • Billed by Legacy SDK MAUs or tile requests
  • See rates and discounts per Vector Tiles API request, Raster Tiles API request, or Static Tiles API request in the pricing page's Maps section

Third-party frameworks built from the native Mapbox Mobile SDKs are typically billed based on monthly active users. Apps built with other third-party frameworks are billed based on tile requests. Below are some examples of popular SDKs and frameworks and whether Mapbox tracks usage through mobile users or tile requests.

SDK or frameworkLegacy SDK MAUsTile requests
Community-managed Maps SDK for React Native
Cordova + native SDK
Xamarin + native SDK
Phonegap + Mapbox.js
Cordova + Mapbox.js
Mapbox GL JS-based hybrid SDKs
Cost per Legacy SDKs for mobile MAU

For all products listed above, the free tier and cost per Legacy SDKs for mobile MAU is equal to the free tier and cost for Maps SDK for mobile MAUs as listed on our pricing page.